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Losing the Weight & Cleansing Your Body

Weight Loss Tips - Steps to Detoxification & A Healthier Lifestyle

Your body can not effectively burn fat until it is flushed and cleansed of the many toxins trapped throughout your organs and tissues.  This is accomplished first by:

  • increasing your intake of water to unlodge toxins from vital organs, glands & tissues.
  • substituting cheat foods with others that satisfy the craving
  • consuming less toxic foods (chemicals, preservatives, salt, sugar & animal fats) and adding effective dietary supplements
  • eating more meals so your body stores less

As your metabolism increases your body will start burning and expelling accumulated fat - your weight and inches will begin to drop.   As your metabolism speeds up your energy level will also pickup.  Your body will soon welcome increased physical activity.  

The Problem: Sometimes you may loose a few pounds, only to fall off and then gain the weight back.

Where most people fail - You will succeed. Why?

  • Eric Thomas is a two time Olympian with a strong background in sports medicine. Eric has 14 years of experience and has worked with high level professional athletes on "Total Body Fitness" his entire career.
  • You will learn dietary secrets & exercise techniques and "Trick the BodyTM" to keep the weight off.
  • Eric will give you the tools, know-how & strategies to detox and loosen up and remove accumulated poisons from your body so changes are long-term and permanent.
  • Eric will give you rapid weight loss techniques that include muscle toning to avoid unsightly loose skin.
  • Eric will become your coach, training partner and motivate you to achieve your goals. 


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